Eve’s Christmas Presents 2019

1. This first item is really preparation and that’s Croft and Cole – run by motorsport golden couple Rebecca and Tom Onslow-Cole.

Fab trees delivered to your door (UK only) but now with the added convenience and excitement of wrapping paper, cards, wreaths for your door and festive candles. www.croftandcole.com 

2. We all love a good read at Christmas – if only because what’s on the TV will mostly be dire – so I have picked a couple of books out and the first is Malcolm Cracknell ‘s ‘Taking the World by Storm’. Still available and a cracking read at www.world-by-storm.co.uk 

3. We’ve been talking to Motorsport Magazine recently about their shop so I took a quick cruise round and came up with a couple of great vintage-style mugs at a tenner.

There’s a Martini liveried mug and, appropriately, a Mobil1 oil can mug. I also really like the vintage car bookends. There’s a Black Friday discount code BF19.

4. For those with a slot car set up I would recommend the Dunlop Bridge model from Scalextric at £11.99. If only the makers of Le Mans 66 had used this!! (KIDDING!!)

5.Our great friends at Stickers4 have Le Mans key rings as well as RSL/RLM (The latter currently on sale) www.stickeredup4lemans.com 

6. Listener Paul Sharp kindly sent me a note offering a 10% discount until 8th Dec on his Letter Art pictures. You can find him at www.letteraArt.com and buy his pictures on Etsy. Code is RSLMWM.

7. Nigel Scott Dobbie‘s excellent history of Corvette’s first 20 years in competition is still available at silverwoodbooks.co.uk and, if you are in the US at corvettestore.com. I can’t recommend this highly enough. Not just for ‘Vette fans wither.

8. Circling back slightly it is worth looking around on Etsy for motorsport presents. I like the RacingChocs helmet shaped chocolates and the small circuit outlines – for people who can’t give up an entire wall to a Linear Edge product.

9. I always worry about those super expensive Lego motorsport sets where you build the car and then it sits there….Lego is meant to be played with! So I was pleased to see the John Cooper works garage set featuring a 1967 Mini Cooper s Rally and John Cooper works buggy which once build is MEANT to be played with.

10.Heads up…the new shirts from our apparel store are ready to be ordered. Click the link on our homepage or go to fulltorquegear.com. 

I really like the new World Tour shirts – though thinking about all those places we’ve been makes my head spin. Tim’s favourite is the green N24 shirt. Great presents or fun to order for yourself!

11. Now I know that there are plenty of Collective members who have to save like crazy to go to Le Mans or to other major events. You can now point people at Travel Destinations and say ‘Hey I’d just like some vouchers to put towards my next trip’. Easy!

12. AND FINALLY….yes here is the discount code for Duke Video. 20% off and, if you already have your Le Mans 2019 DVD – and thanks for that if you have, it helps to demonstrate the strength of the fan base – use it against something else.

P.S. Nearly forgot the fabulous Neil Gardner and his amazingly detailed drawings. Available at www.ngautoart.com That’s your lot, peeps. Enjoy the seasonal celebrations wherever you are and thank you for another great year.

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Eve Hewitt

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