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The Football Rewind: Charlton V Sunderland Football League Divsion 1 Playoff Final 1998

Sat May 30 , 2020
Share on Facebook Tweet it Email John Hindhaugh joins Declan Brennan to discuss the all-time classic encounter between Charlton Athletic FC and Sunderland AFC.  John is a Sunderland supporter and very kindly watched the entire game for the first time seeing as he was working on that fateful day back in 1998.  Were Sunderland wearing the wrong shirts? Had Nicky Summerbee really just come from a night club in full kit? What cruel and unusual punishment was imposed on Clive Mendonca once he retired and moved home to Sunderland? All of this and more will be explored as Hindhaugh exorcises some demons and forgets it’s not live. (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)

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