Ben is joined by Louis and Jordan to discuss the fallout from the weekend’s IndyCar race. The team also looks back at the TORA Bathurst 12h and ahead to the next endurance event in June.

This week, Matt and Jordan are joined by Will Ponissi of GPVWC and also Alfa Romeo F1 to discuss his fascinating take on the sim racing world. Jordan reviews MotoGP 20 and the pair also discuss the latest action from Indycar and Supercars.

Ben and Louis are joined by content creator and former TORA multiple champion Dan Austins to discuss the evolving subject of how serious sim racing is becoming and whether the current popularity is sustainable.

It’s the UK show with Matt and Jordan this week and they have three big guests (so even less chance of them going off track) Senior Community Manager Ian Webster and Game Director Corey Delprat from Hutch Games will be on the show to talk about F1 Manager, the official mobile management title. They guys are then joined by British GT’s Tom Hornsby to discuss SRO’s approach to sim racing, the upcoming 6th season of British GT esports and how the real championship is riding the lockdown.