John Hindhaugh takes a closer look at this year’s Garage 56 entry, in two special programmes. In episode one he looks at the car, with Chad Knaus, Ben Wright, Greg Ives and Jessica Hook. Episode two focuses on the drivers, with John talking to Mike Rockenfeller, Jenson Button and Jimmie Johnson.

With much talk of the Le Mans centenary we take a chance to look back at that first-ever race. There was no official winner declared in those early days, it was a car’s performance over three consecutive years which counted, and the original racetrack was more like a gravel rally stage than a race circuit. You can hear why a last minute change of heart by W.O. Bentley changed the course of his eponymous brand forever.

Paul Jurd and Paul Tarsey are in the UK and at Le Mans are the full team of contestants. Regulars Joe Bradley, Jim Roller and Peter Snowdon are joined by ‘the voice of Radio Le Mans’ John Hindhaugh. Their challenge is to choose any car, any driver and any circuit layout since 1923. The difficult bit is that they each need to be from a different era!