1. This first item is really preparation and that’s Croft and Cole – run by motorsport golden couple Rebecca and Tom Onslow-Cole. Fab trees delivered to your door (UK only) but now with the added convenience and excitement of wrapping paper, cards, wreaths for your door and festive candles. www.croftandcole.com  2. We all love a good read at Christmas – if only because what’s on the TV will mostly be dire – so I have picked a couple of books out and the first is Malcolm Cracknell ‘s ‘Taking the World by Storm’. Still available and a cracking read at www.world-by-storm.co.uk  3. We’ve been talking to Motorsport Magazine recently about their shop so I took a quick cruise round and came up with a couple of great vintage-style mugs at a tenner. There’s a Martini liveried mug and, appropriately, a Mobil1 oil can mug. I also really like the vintage car bookends. There’s a Black Friday discount code BF19. 4. For those with a slot car set up I would recommend the Dunlop Bridge model from Scalextric at £11.99. If only the makers of Le Mans 66 had used this!! (KIDDING!!) 5.Our great friends at Stickers4 have Le Mans key rings […]

Duke Video There’s a discount code for MWM listeners and fans which will allow you to buy this year’s highlights vid featuring our commentary but also applies to all LM reviews. Us the code LMXMAS18 at check out. They have the DVD, the Blu Ray and a download available. www.dukevideo.com Calendars Drew Gibson has produced yet another gorgeous calendar which is available at www.drew-gibson.co.uk/calendar Prescott Motorsport have produced a Le Mans Endurance racing calendar and listeners can enjoy a 20% discount by going to www.prescottmotorsport.co.uk and clicking on the calendar link. Use code RSL20 at check out. Full Torque Gear and the wonderfully talented Andy Blackmore have teamed up to create some stunning T shirts. Hindy was wearing one in the live Forza RC coverage from London last month www.fulltorquegear.com and use the code MWM2018 They wash really well, pack small and they’ll ship! What’s not to like? Christmas Tree If you’re at all like us you’ll be struggling with planning Christmas and getting it all done on time. We had several years of having to drag home the runty Christmas tree that no-one else wanted at the garden centre – well, at least we helped it fulfil its Christmas […]

1. DVDs from Duke Video Get a 15% discount on anything from Duke until November 27th with code ARNAGE15 Le Mans 2017 on DVD or Blu-Ray Williams on DVD or Blu-Ray 2. Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans 3. Travel Destinations Gift Voucher 4. Plasma Tracks on Etsy.com Books 5. How to build a car – Adrian Newey 6. Lotus 18: The Autoiography of Stirling Moss’ 912 7. Porsche 956 and 962 Owners’ Workshop Manual 8. Framed Motorsport Prints by Adam Prescott 25% discount with code RSL2017 until 25/12/17 9. Calendars from Drew Gibson 10. 48% off Subscriptions to Racecar Engineering 11. Eye Respect direct 12. Stickers from our official sticker partner, Stickers4