Tim Gray, Nick Daman and Sam Collins look ahead to the 2021 Formula One World Championship. Nick Daman’s predictions for the 2021 World Drivers’ Championship: 1 Lewis Hamilton 2 Max Verstappen 3 Valteri Bottas 4 Sergio Perez 5 Daniel Ricciardo 6 Charles Leclerc 7 Fernando Alonso 8 Lando Norris 9 Carlos Sainz 10 Pierre Gasly 11 Sebastian Vettel 12 Yuki Tsunoda 13 Esteban Ocon 14 Lance Stroll 15 Kimi Raikkonen 16 George Russell 17 Antonio Giovanazzi 18 Mick Schumacher 19 Nicolas Latifi 20 Nikita Mazepin Sam Collins’ predictions for the 2021 World Constructors’ Championship: 1 Mercedes 2 Red Bull 4 Ferrari 5 McLaren 5 Alpine 6 Alpha Tauri 7 Aston Martin 8 Alfa Romeo Sauber 9 Williams 10 Haas

As the Formula 1 season finally gets underway in Austria this weekend, it’s time for a new preview. John Hindhaugh is joined by Joe Bradley and Nick Daman to discuss what’s changed since March.

Tim Gray is joined by Nick Daman and Sam Collins for an in depth look ahead to the 2020 season. Sam questions why the Honda engine smells “tropical” and sounds like Rice Krispies, Nick Daman decrees the failure of the Red Bull Junior programme, plus why is a court case from half a century ago about to become relevant to Racing Point. With contributions from drivers, team bosses and engineers.